Jamie’s whole life revolves around food. His mother was one of his first inspirations as she was a chef as well as a painter. Jamie has worked extensively in professional kitchens, and he brings to food photography a chef’s understanding of ingredients, methods, process, and the look of the final result. But he is driven by more than just love of cooking and eating. Everything that goes into our food is important to him: the fields where it’s produced, the people who guide it from field to plate, the places where they work and live. That passion underpins all his work, whether for corporate clients like Tropicana and Dolmio or top-echelon chefs like Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay. ‘Whatever I’m photographing’ says Jamie, ‘I pay fanatically close attention to every detail – the subject deserves nothing less.’

Chase Distillery
Gordon Ramsay
M & S
Pret A Manger