02 December 2020

Jamie Orlando Smith shoots for Pret A Manger

The other week I had a really hectic schedule…

Charging into work I grabbed a coffee at Pret on the way to work at Fenchurch St. and saw Jamie’s work adorning the store. Good to see. A couple of calls, yibbidy yabbah, and I had to rush off to several meetings in London town and beyond. I bumped into a poster at the tube station for Pret of Jamie’s images which felt surprisingly satisfying.

At Paddington, I needed another caffeine hit, and there were his images again. Swiftly over to Heathrow, luckily it wasn’t so busy and I glided through check-in. Time for a sandwich at Pret and yes! Nothing like a meaningful media buy. Off to NY I must go.

I love that city. Makes me feel alive. There wasn’t much of a headwind and we made good time. I was feeling a bit peckish upon leaving the airport so grabbed an oat bar and a hit of caffeine (can you have too much?) and once again reveled in seeing Jamie’s work there too. Did what I had to do in NY and before I knew it I was LA bound.

Places to go, people to see; you know how I roll. Landed in LA, 72 & Sunny – the place and the destination, perfect time for an iced coffee. And once again, the cockles of my heart were warmed to see Jamie’s images in the Pret of LAX urging us to consume. Checked my Smart Watch, slightly alarmed at my heart rate – must be the caffeine. The old red-eye was beckoning and before I knew it I was careering through the night sky home via Charles De Gaulle’ for some reason at an altitude 33,000 feet and a speed of 525 mph. Time for one more coffee. Standard.

Clearly, none of this happened. But if it had, the one truth is that I would have seen Jamie’s images. Global.