Sebastian Nevols b. 1985, UK

Sebastian concentrates on portraiture and landscape photography. In his portraits, there tends to be an element of abstraction: he likes to shift the image from a straight ‘likeness’ to something more expressive. Most of this is done with lighting and in-camera techniques.  This abstraction extends to the sitter’s environment, too: emphasising certain structures, lines, details to make the surroundings construct the mood of the shot. The effect can be almost like a stage set.

Sebastian has a strong interest in the history of landscape photography and so many references in his head when he is creating these shoots. He has been fortunate enough to work with some of the world’s best agencies and creatives on award-winning global campaigns.

Arthritis UK
Plan UK
Guardian Weekend
Telegraph Magazine
National Theatre
English National Opera
Channel 4
McLaren Magazine
Royal Ascot