22 June 2021

UEFA EURO 2020: A film, with photographs that delves into London grassroots football by Sebastian Nevols.

A film which delves into grassroots football in London from the past and present has been released to celebrate the start of Uefa Euro 2020.

Eleven tells the stories of historic players such as Benjamin Odeje, who became England’s first black player.

It also looks into current local leagues, such as the rivalries held between the various London Underground football teams.

The short film can be viewed online or at the Museum of London from Friday, or by clicking this link:


It has been created by the museum in partnership with the Greater London Authority.

Among the 11 players, teams and officials who feature are Joe Manners, a Tube driver who played for the District Line team but moved to arch rivals the Piccadilly Line.

Goaldiggers FC, a club for women and non-binary people which runs teams across London, are also included.

The museums’s director, Sharon Ament, said football was “an intrinsic part of this city’s history” and they were “thrilled to be celebrating the origins of the sport through our film”.