The Children’s Society are Selling Stab Vests

28 August 2019

The Children’s Society are selling stab vests in a pop-up store on Baker Street, London.

The “The Store of Modern Childhood” aims to highlight the findings of the organisation’s Good Childhood Report 2019 and shine an uncompromising light on the harsh reality of being a youth in Britain today; facing issues such as poverty, knife crime, and bullying.

Items on the shelves include stab vests, exercise books filled with messages of self-hate, phone cases featuring bullying messages and a make-up station selling bruise hider, anxiety concealer and black-eye fader.

The pop-up store, which was open on the 28th & 29th of August, also features a “Grooma” station, which shows iPhones displaying predatory online conversations with groomers and cyberbullies.

Meanwhile, “The Gallery of Optimism” offers a more positive experience. Visitors will walk through a “changing room”, where they can explore a space adorned with colour, light and messages of positivity. It will contain photography, art, poetry and music, and provide a space for young people to showcase their talent and stories.

Photography by Sebastian Nevols.