10 January 2024


In a world that’s become increasingly polarised over the topic of immigrant workers, Kelvin’s series, WORKING HERE, FROM THERE, seeks to celebrate this often-maligned group. These images depict individuals who’ve come to the UK for various reasons, all with the primary goal of improving their lives and opportunities.

Through their work, each person contributes and helps the UK to become a stronger and more powerful economy. We need them as much as they need us.

1/ This is Lilliya, she worked in a stable in eastern Ukraine before the war. In the first few weeks of the Russian invasion all the horses were killed and the stable destroyed. She lost everything and fled to the UK leaving her husband behind to fight. Through the kindness of strangers, she now works as a horse whisperer in Surrey.

2/ This is Sebastian, a French Polisher, he came to the UK from Southern Poland 15 years ago.

3/ Meet Nithin, he came to the UK from Southern India as a qualified doctor and is now a Renal Registrar in Bristol.

4/ Gunaz is from Kazakhstan and in 2023 came to the UK for the strawberry picking season. She works in Hampshire and is saving to pay for her university course back home. If she works for two more seasons, she’ll have enough money to pay for her studies.

5/ Melody came to the UK from South Africa as a qualified dental hygienist and works in London.