Toyota Hi-Lux – A CGI Production in Lockdown.

17 November 2020

Early March 2020, we were super excited that Trigger’s 10 day shoot to Slovenia was confirmed to shoot for Toyota Hi-Lux.

Late March 2020, we were feeling fairly devastated that the 10 day shoot was indefinitely cancelled.

A massive re-tack by the agency and brand and under Trigger’s CGI direction we were still able to collaborate with Art Direction and CGI studios in order to create and deliver the shot list. The backgrounds were largely from Trigger’s archive and were stitched together and manipulated by Circle Media with the automotive CGI handled directly by Toyota’s contracted CGI supplier.

Seeing these images now made us think back to April & May 2020 when the images were being worked on and how grateful we were to be talking with good people at Prodigious, London who were determined to make original content despite the global lockdown.