12 June 2020

Tom Oldham: Sony World Open Photographer of The Year 2020

Congratulations Tom who has just been announced as the overall winner in the Open Competition thanks to the image that he took for Mojo Magazine of Pixies frontman Charles Thompson (aka Black Francis).

Tom said – (and that’s a picture of Tom below Black Francis): ‘Photographers for Mojo magazine enjoy a rare degree of freedom and trust with what is usually an open brief. This allows us to capture our own experience with very high-profile musicians.

However, when photographing famous singers, we are often painfully aware of how many times the sitter has, well, sat. I like to acknowledge this and asked Charles to show me the level of frustration photoshoots can generate. He offered up this perfect gesture of exasperation, and the image ran as the lead portrait for the feature.’

Here are some links to some of the PR pieces that are well worth a listen and a read as Tom talks about the image.

SONY World Photographer Competition Interview:


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