The Amber Series

11 February 2019

The Amber Series: A continuation in Microsculpture by Levon Biss.

These stunningly preserved insects roamed the Earth 45 million years ago. To put that into perspective, modern humans evolved only 200,000 years ago and even our very distant ancestors have only been around for 6 million years.

We struggle to comprehend this length of time. The detail and clarity in these images is breathtaking in high resolution, even though the specimens are only 3 – 4mm long.

With the Amber Series, any help in identifying the creatures would be much appreciated. Levon has put it out to his 11.7k Instagram followers and though these images generate tremendous engagement some images gleaning 5,000 + likes nobody has been able to pinpoint exactly what is what. I am sure though that the 30 – 40 readers of this post will nail it. Answers on a post card please.