Tech Innovation & Purposeful Design – Photographed by Sun Lee.

09 September 2019

What do all these images have in common?  They’re all a fusion of technical innovation and purposeful design.  Water-repelling, heat-regulating materials, laser-cut details, space-grade fibres, the worlds first custom-fitted 3D printed helmet, smart app-connected bottles and lightweight cameras with 4K video and high-end optics.  Photographed for WIRED, Vollebak Sports and Life Fuels.

The Alpha Tauri jacket, a contemporary reinvention on the trench coat, created with high tech Tauren technology water repellent breathable and heat regulating, along with with laser-cut details in the fabric a fusion of technical innovation and purposeful design

Belstaff X McLaren jacket.  A mid-layer driving jacket, it is made from lightweight, water-repellant stretch nylon with cotton jersey panelling. Laser-perforated ventilation regulates temperature, while a slim, ergonomic fit gives comfort. Freedom of movement comes courtesy of a precision-designed, low-profile collar and waterproof zip fastening

Dlux 7, a premium compact camera with 17megapixel Micro Four Thirds sensor, packed with the latest technology such as 2.76 million pixel EVF, 11fps burst shooting built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, 4K photo modes, hot shoe-mounted external flash, and in-camera battery charging

The HEXR helmet is the worlds first 3D printed helmet, a custom fitting can be done during a 3d scanning session of the clients head.  it results in the perfect helmet fit.  it is constructed from polyamide, a 100% renewable raw material, uses active thermoregulation and elite dynamics, and is 26% safer than traditional foam helmets.

The Lifefuels drink bottle. The most technologically advanced water bottle, hydration tracking and smart app connected, this bottle has 3 fuel pods embedded in the base, and automatically release a variety of electrolytes, vitamins and minerals into the bottle.

Vollebak Carbon Fibre T

Each T-shirt is woven with 120metres of carbon fibre which has an atomic structure stronger than steel. The carbon fibre adds strength and abrasion resistance – acting like a ripstop to save your skin