20 April 2022

Now Representing Sam Barker

Super excited to announce we are now representing Sam Barker.

Sam Barker is a multiple award-winning photographer on both sides of the Atlantic including a D&AD Yellow Pencil for HSBCs Living River on Gatwick Airport’s Skybridge in 2016. Sam’s signature cinematic lighting style has led him to be commissioned for campaigns for the likes of Hugo Boss, BBC, Glenfiddich and Land Rover, shooting subjects as diverse as Lewis Hamilton, tribal chiefs in Africa and the world’s most successful CEOs.

Sam is a regular contributor to the National Portrait Gallery where he has 14 portraits in the permanent collection including David Attenborough to commemorate his 90th Birthday and Tim Peake to celebrate his first mission into space. Sam has also collaborated with Irvine Welsh on his past five book covers.

Sam’s passion for great pictures and adventure has also seen him shoot travel stories and personal projects in Iraq, Ethiopia, and Columbia and Bhutan.