08 September 2022

LOAF by Kelvin Murray

Leading UK sofa, beds and furniture brand Loaf has launched a major new advertising campaign, positioning loafing as a desirable pursuit, and encouraging people to really take their loafing seriously.

The campaign, created by independent creative agency isobel, features the line: LOAF LIKE YOU MEAN IT.

The new work from Loaf includes a series of TV ads, featuring a ‘loaf off’ between two competitive loafers, accompanied by sporting style commentators, bringing the loafing lack of action to life. Two further TV ads feature solo loafing heats. The production was a real Hy-Brid way of working with both ECD Rob Fletcher and Kelvin Murray getting involved int he directing with Kelvin shooting stills alongside the TVC.

The campaign also includes a range of static and digital OOH and press ads, showing people in their ultimate loafing positionings, celebrating the joy, and the art, of loafing.