17 October 2022

Lloyds Bank by Sam Barker.

This is a cool shot. Freya at Rebellion Brewery doing her thing.

What this shot doesn’t tell you is the torrential downpour that happened on the night before the shoot and flooded the warehouse where we had scouted and were approved to shoot. That moment of arrival at 8 in the am and the realization that the whole shoot schedule is out the window and you’ve got to work out what to do: where to shoot.

It’s moments like this that all eyes really are on the photographer. Strategic problem-solving on the spot. To our advantage, there was a disused space in a different warehouse. Sam was able to have the Brewery forklift truck drivers construct a wall of barrels. But even better than this he directed them to construct it off the wall so that he could light through the pallets. What could have been a disaster turned out to be for the best.