10 June 2021

Pandemic Productivity @ Levon Biss’ Studio.

News Flash: Yesterday in conversation with a couple of agencies they mentioned that they are opening up and starting to do presentations and creative show and tells once again. Right then, we’d best get our presentation bits and bobs together again. First port of call was the roster: what have you been up to since the pandemic took hold?

Levon Biss’ response was pretty epic…

Firstly, Strange Nature.
Published by Abrams, this book was released at the start of this year and is designed to teach children between about insects. Levon and his designer designed this in the first half of 2020 and using the extremely large and detailed photographs from the Microsculpture series they are able to focus in on specific areas of the anatomy to educate kids about it’s function, but in an entertaining way! The book has received star ratings in both Booklist and School Library Journal, so with a little luck it will be in the US school library system soon and available to all schools in the USA.

As a reminder here is a link to the Microsculpture Project http://microsculpture.net/

The Hidden Beauty of Seeds & Fruits
This project is a photographic study of the carpology collection from the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. The photography was finished just before the first lockdown and in order to have frames for the exhibition Levon undertook the task of making the frames himself and he spent the first three months of lockdown in a farmers field outside of his village building 60 frames for the exhibition that is now on display in Edinburgh until September, after that the show will move onto Norway. A book of the photography has been published, including over 120 images and scientific text/stories about each specimen.

Here are a few of our favourite images: https://crxss.agency/the-hidden-beauty-of-seeds-fruits-by-levon-biss/

Current project
Levon’s main project at the moment is a collaboration with the American Museum of Natural History. The subject matter is again insects, but the project has a serious environmental theme and message. Levon has been shooting it full time since Nov 2021 and I will finish in Feb 2022. It will go on display at the museum New York in June 2022 for 2 years and will tour internationally at the same time. Again there will be a book and video to coincide with the project.

The jpegs below dont do the work justice. But Jeez – the guy sure has been busy.