15 May 2023

Les Boshoff by Sam Barker

When we were away in SA shooting a campaign it made total sense to stay for the weekend. Steaks to eat. Red wine to drink. Waves to ride and Sam, in amongst all this relaxation was motivated to create a personal project. When he is away shooting commercially after the shoot is finished he often stays on for a day or two to shoot something or someone that I have heard about during his time at the location. Les is the owner and man behind the amazing Wijnlands Auto Museum on the outskirts of Cape Town.

“I retired from the real estate business when I was 55. I then decided I wanted to indulge my hobby of restoring old cars. The first car I bought to restore was a 1930s Hudson Terraplane,” Thirty years later it still sits untouched. Les is a wonderful character and Sam and Les spent a great afternoon with him chatting and shooting a set of portraits. As Les supplies cars to the film industry Sam thought it fitting to shoot a cinematic setup full of atmosphere and drama.