23 January 2023

Genetically Modified Tomatoes by Levon Biss.

After completing the Extinct & Endangered project this year Levon decided to spend the summer shooting a diverse range of subjects. The only connection between the subjects he photographed is that they are visually interesting and that they had a compelling story. (Plus he restricted all photography to a square format, just as a creative challenge).

The first of these new images show two carieties of genetically modified tomatoes in various stages of ripeness. These tomatoes have been genetically engineered to produce large quantities of health boosting compounds, along with very high levels of the cancer fighting antioxident “anthocyanins”. After 14 years, the genetically modified ‘purple’ tomato created by Norfolk Plant Sciences at the University of Cambridge finally got its approval to enter the United States. This means, starting next year, Americans can buy purple tomato seeds to plant.