Eurotunnel 25th-anniversary campaign by Kelvin Murray

07 May 2019

Reflecting as many different customers of Eurotunnel Le Shuttle as possible is the aim of a 25th-anniversary campaign for the brand by Southpaw. The work was conceived by Chris Jefferys, Sam Bone and Glenn Smith, and photographed by Kelvin Murray with the train created in CGI by Circle Media and all retouching work of the image by Atomic 14.

This link is worth clicking as it takes you to the Eurotunnel Site where you can explore the detail of the image: 

The TV spot debuted on Friday 3rd May during Coronation Street. In it, the voiceover says: “Snowboarders, surfboarders, feet-up-on-the-dashboarders, boot fillers, bike rack fillers, wine rack fillers, those on four legs, first legs and away legs, nature lovers, adventure lovers and, well, just lovers… it might be our 25th birthday, but we’re wishing you many happy returns.”

The visual ads use a technique that brings 2D still imagery to life with a slow-motion effect with al SFX carried out by Coffee & TV.

Shot in Poland in early January 2019 this was a totally immersive project for CRXSS. Due to the size of the cast, art department and crew there were significant cost savings in de-camping to Warsaw. It is rare to have three in a roster working on a singular campaign combining their respective talents across photography, CGI & retouching. It is even rarer to have a print concept driving the TV creative.

The campaign was initially designed as a 96 sheet poster from which 48 sheet, 6 sheet, DOOH and social can be derived. The image featured here is the 48 sheet version. Keep your eyes peeled for the variations of outputs of this cleverly designed campaign. We will be adding our BTS video shortly. Enjoy!