28 March 2019


For the Launch Event on the 7th Feb 2019, we had a range of CRXSS Merchandise designed and made with a commemorative date and address of the Launch Event printed onto the sleeve.  The Hoodies, T-Shirts and individually numbered Chilly Bottles were snapped up like proverbial hotcakes.

Thanks to our friends from at clothing brand “Built Up North” today we have just received the second drop of Merch – this time including CRXSS Beanies. What everybody comments upon moments after putting on one of the Hoodies and T’s is the quality of the thread. Exactly. If you are going to do something that represents your brand – it has to totally synch with your brand.

Thanks Sun Lee for the superb Merch photography. We’ll be bringing selected Merch to portfolio meetings and shoots over the coming months.