Creative Review Photography Annual 2018: Boudica by Kate Peters

28 January 2019

“I first met Boudica when she was known as Mark Petty, back in 2009”, says Kate. “Dressed in one of his own handmade leather suits, he looked fantastic. I took a couple of portraits on the street and that was that.”

In late 2016 Kate decided to track Petty down to see if she could photograph him some more. “I discovered that he, now she, was living in Uttoxeter. Boudica allowed me into her life and over the past couple of years I’ve been trying to tell the story of this unique individual’s identity, her creative spirit, love of history, passion for collecting and ritualistic decorating of her home on each and every celebration day. I hope (it’s) an intimate portrait from Boudica who, from a small bedsit in Uttoxeter, is leading an uprising of her own.”