Can you believe, a non car Commission for Simon

03 November 2020

The highly decorated Creative Director of WhoWotWhy, Matt Gooden (the dude has won everything! Twice) had the idea to shoot a mattress like you shoot a car.

He wanted the mattress shot like a piece of high-class engineering, like a sports car might be in a sparse and stylish studio environment; not your usual cosy, comfy, dreamy mattress style of ad. Enter Simon

Together they developed an idea and a look and feel using light to create a space, shadow and form. They invented hi-tech mattress photography. We proudly present: Simba. Like they say at Simba: A good sleep doesn’t happen overnight. It’s engineered. The same can be said about photography, too. Shot at Calvert Studios in Leighton Buzzard. Post-production: Circle Media