Street photography was Vincent’s first love and it is something he has always done. In his early twenties, he moved from his childhood home in Kilkenny, Ireland to Paris, France. He was a post grad science student in Paris, devouring the humanistic work of Cartier Bresson, Eugene Smith & Andre Kertesz. Through a series of serendipitous events, Vincent unearthed a passion for photography evolved into a career as a commercial photographer.

All of his commercial work is informed by his attraction to street photography, in that he has always tried to make photos that had the spontaneity of a reportage photo despite their construction. It is not always easy but the instincts built up by constantly shooting for himself help.

In 2011, Vincent took a sabbatical from commercial photography and went on a year-long journey around the world with his wife and four children. It was a priceless experience to share authentically new experiences with his family, as well a time to submerge himself in creating photo-essays of their travels; he was free from the confines of a working schedule.

By the summer of 2012, with his year abroad coming to an end, he was excited to get back to work. His travel journeys initiated the debut of a collection of images and stories titled, “Wanderings.” The lines between personal and commercial work are blurred as Vincent always commits with each photograph to tell the story.

Qatar Airways
Pedigree Pet Foods
SONY Playstation
Two Gingers