Born in Cape Town and raised in Germany, Dirk is a London-based advertising photographer – travelling and shooting globally. His Afro-European perspective and passion for travel, has generated ongoing creative collaborations with leading Ad Agencies around the globe.

It was his extensive travel in Africa that fuelled his passion for landscapes and natural environments in his early photographic work. Dirk’s love for creating a strong narrative inspired his current creative experimentation, using innovative lighting, movement and new digital technology to develop a distinctive atmospheric look.

The creative style for both Dirk’s personal and commissioned work, aims to capture an eclectic and diverse study of the human form at its most compelling moments. Some of his current personal projects include a series of portraits on the African Himba tribes, the study forms part of a wider project focusing on iconic tribes throughout Africa and the way they express themselves through movement and dance.

Dirk believes that a single image can represent everything, it’s the most powerful and most memorable render of a precise moment in time.

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