04 September 2020

Save Your Summer Campaign by Ryan Edy.

The government’s Enjoy Summer Safely campaign was launched on 4 July with the goal of bringing people back to hospitality business’ and supporting an industry that has been severely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

In this, the world’s strangest year, we all feel as if we’ve lost something, and holidays are a big part of that. The campaign needed to be a massive clanging gong for summer holidays, with the message that there’s still time to get out there and enjoy yourself. The Save Your Summer campaign uses striking imagery and video to showcase the incredible destinations and activities of the North East. The messaging is loud and clear – it’s not too late to get out and save your summer, with getaways that are a little closer to home.

Commissioned by Drummond Central, Ryan headed out around the North East with a team of models and Creative Director Natasha Taylor-Price, capturing some of the incredible scenes that make the North East so special.