AOP Gold! Naked in the Kitchen by Simon Puschmann

16 May 2019

Simon says about this personal project:

“This is an ongoing project. I arrange to visit my “models” at home, in their very own kitchen. I use Craig´s List, Facebook and other forums like that to find my “models”. I usually do not know them beforehand. A session takes about 60 minutes and I shoot between 8 and 12 rolls of Kodak Tri X 120 film per person. I use a Hasselblad 500 ELX with a 50 mm lens for everyone. I also use the same shutter speed for everyone, a 1/30 as that gives me just enough blur when they move about. It´s a documentary shoot, I try to give no or very little instructions and just capture what happens. I have shot these in Berlin, Hamburg, London, Barcelona, Lisbon, Boston, Miami, SF, LA, San Diego, Cape Town, Melbourne, Reykjavík, Mexcico City, Tulum and Havanna.”