26 July 2021

A Dancer’s Chromatic Journey From Oppression to Freedom shot on an iPhone by Tom Oldham

Tom Oldham has always been inspired by people; their lives, their motivations and their struggles. His new short film, titled Infra/Ultra, follows this theme – albeit in a more artful, abstract way. In the 90-second clip, Oldham’s camera follows a queer Black dancer as they weave around a vast, chromatically-lit space. A deep-red light shines on them from above (representative of “suppression”), which eventually flickers blue (to symbolise freedom, support and motivation). “The title Infra/Ultra is a reference to the bookends of visible light, infrared and ultraviolet – the things we can’t see but know exist,” Oldham explains to AnOther. “[The things that are] beyond our vision but not our knowledge.”

The film, which was shot entirely on a handheld iPhone, has three separate cuts. Although all identical visually, each one has a different soundtrack, to help encourage multiple “different and challenging” emotive responses as viewers watch the dancer move from confinement to liberation.

Featured in Another Magazine, read the full article and interview with Tom: